Motto Description – “Where the Continents Meet”

“Where the Continents Meet” is the motto that best describes the goal of the Expo which will be held in Istanbul, a city that serves as a bridge between Asia and Europe. Being the largest metropolitan city of Turkey and located right at the heart of the country, Istanbul joins many cities to Europe via roads, bridges and tunnels. The Expo to take place in Istanbul, Turkey where the continents actually meet will host an important organization covering all service sectors that brings together public bodies, contractors, subcontractors, universities, NGOs and material, machinery and equipment suppliers. 

Logo Description

The logo of the 3rd International Roads, Bridges and Tunnels Expo is visualized with the connection of the “Road” to the “Tunnel” together with the silhouette of a bridge, the ‘nn’ in the “Tunnel” being illustrated as a real tunnel. The two (II) is written in Roman numeral to make up the piers of a bridge and also signifies the conjunction “to” in English which functions as a bridge.