Fair Organizer


MCI Turkey is the Turkish partner organization of MCI Global, a world leader in the field of strategic participation and participation solutions that has been working for the advancement of the sector around the world since 1987. MCI Turkey makes use of the knowledge and experience from the Global to enrich the activities it undertakes in our country. “We think global, act local.”

MCI Turkey supports multinational companies and international organizations to improve their international performance, increase their global growth, gain new clients and achieve better results through creative life experiences, digitalization, globalization, brand development and content strategies.

MCI Fair, one of MCI Turkey group companies, combines its know-how and experience with an understanding of sustainable quality whilst ensuring that its organizations stand out and meet the right target audience with its thematic approaches.

Through the sectoral business interviews (B2B) which it has adopted as a principle in its organizations, MCI Fair enables companies to get in touch with the right contacts at the right time.

We shape the future from today.



ARK Group consists of such companies that carry out tourism, translation, advertising, introduction, organization, consultancy and training services, that implement all planning and performance thereof which are necessary for the institutions and organizations to be able to transfer their products and services to their target groups, and that are specialists in their own fields.

Ark Group develops and diversifies its products and services, continually reinforces its staff both qualitatively and quantitatively, and consistently grows since the day one when it was founded with accurate, quality, reliable and rapid service mentality by effectively following up the changing and developing internal and external markets, the new technologies, and the new customer needs arising from them.