Contractors’ Lounge

Since Turkey has recently started carrying out world class projects in the transportation sector, which are deemed as mega projects in terms of project type and project management methodology, both national and international companies admire the achievements of our country.

“Contractors’ Lounge”, which was formed under the 4th International Roads, Bridges and Tunnels Fair by the contractors of these Mega Projects, makes each and every corner of Turkey reachable.

Thus, it will be through this Lounge that we will gather potential customers and senior executives to meet all domestic and international companies seeking opportunity to take part in highway, bridge and tunnel projects in Turkey, interested in technology transfer or supplying goods and services for these projects.

The companies to attend the Fair either as a sponsor or a participant will have the opportunity to participate in the meetings to be held in the Contractors’ Lounge.

The organization of the meetings will be initiated one month prior to the Fair and the meetings will be held on the basis of mutual approval.