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The road-building thrust, which was dedicated to the aim of making every corner of Turkey accessible, has moved into a new phase with the completed or soon-to-completed mega-projects.

High-tech projects, which will pave the way for Turkey towards the league of developed countries, are put underway one by one, drawing attention from all around the world.

Having considered the fact that the afore-mentioned mega projects that classify in world’s top-five, including “suspension bridge”, “cable-stayed bridge”, “special ferro-concrete and steel bridge”, “viaduct and tunnel” projects, incorporate various system montaging and appropriate methodologies using special machineries, materials, equipment and tools, Turkish Road Association (TRA), whose one of the goals is to keep a close eye on scientific and technological advances, promoting them, turn technical knowledge into practice and disseminate it, has decided to act up to its missions and organize Roads, Bridges and Tunnels Fair under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications with the technical assistance of General Directorate of Highways on May 26-28, 2016 at Congresium in Ankara with the purpose of gathering implementers of national and international projects (project owners, contractors, councilors) and other related sectoral stakeholders, including manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, material, equipment and tools and provide a platform for knowledge-sharing.

This Fair will offer all sectoral actors the chance to see the machinery, material, equipment and tools required in the sector as well as the latest technologies.

As the Turkish Road Association, we invite all relevant parties including national and international companies, projects, consulting and contracting companies which operate within the highways sector, specialized engineers who work in public organizations and agencies, university academics, as well as producers, manufacturers and suppliers providing the sector with machinery, materials and equipment to take this opportunity and participate in our fair.



  • The genuine business fair organized with the power rooted in the cooperation of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Directorate of Highways and Turkish Road Association.
  • The unique platform where you can follow up on and find information about Turkey’s mega construction projects.
  • The only sectoral expertise fair where private bilateral meetings are planned systematically.
  • A strong Fair that will bring all relevant public organizations together in Ankara with the motto “Where the Roads Meet”.
  • A fair with Panel Sessions where the relevant opinion leaders and officials will convene.
  • The most comprehensive event in its field, held with a view to enhancing the sectoral connections, customer relations, sales networks and brand reputations of the exhibitors.
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